About PJ Cabrera

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, I am a product of two immigrants of the Dominican Republic. To say that life was easy would be an understatement. Raised in a low-middle class home, growing up wasn’t the best experience. But to say that we ate beans and rice for every meal would be a lie. It was that feeling of being the black sheep of the family – instilling my own fairly libertarian opinions in a seemingly conservatively Hispanic family, while dealing with what some would call intense emotional abuse.

Divorcing while I was at a young age, my parents are not fans of each other – and still aren’t. However, they remain civil. I lived with my mother throughout my youth, which would be my best comparison to hell on earth – verbal abuse that no child should endure. It felt like a house, not a home. And sadly, there was no love. We haven’t talked for years. But eventually, like many Latinos, I found my “out” in education.

For some, our heros are our parents or siblings or crime fighters or celebrities. Spider-Man is pretty cool, and Ellen DeGeneres is pretty high on my list too. But for me, my hero is the person who created a sanctuary for me to escape. My hero is a teacher; a woman who created a classroom where students came to show their creativity and genius, and to have fun doing so.
After a rough 5 years one would typically enjoy as college, I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a Minor in Secondary Education in 2011, and pursued a career in education because of her. I felt that that was the best way I could “change the world,” just how a teacher changed mine. I am currently a journalism/communications teacher in San Antonio, Texas, and enjoy it very much. I am currently also pursuing my Masters of Arts in Communication Studies from Sam Houston State University. Maybe I will become a successful published writer, columnist or contributor, education journalist, publish a book…or two…or five, enter the political arena as a speech writer, or enter high education. Dreams and options. Ideally, I would love to be a/the [chief] education correspondent for a news organization. Until then, I feel like I can “change the world” one classroom at a time. I love The Newsroom. And I miss the newsroom, and the chase of the story. But I love the classroom.

130I love the beach and water – I hope to live and work near a beautiful coast. I am an avid movie watcher. And I constantly read and watch the news. I started this blog/website for many reasons. Among the opinions of many that I need to get my writings out in the public, writing is my therapy, especially within the past year. It is one of the few things I know I do it well, and it allows me to say what I want to say about…whatever, and have the ability to use the delete button to beautifully craft it the way I want to. More so, I feel like I can use my experiences in life, whatever they are, to better other people. I love the power of words, the meanings they can create, the story behind a picture, politics, journalism, and education. If those powers allow me a passage towards something more grand than my Apple Macbook, then so be it. One can only dream…


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