Captain Phillips

Captain_Phillips_PosterBased on a true story, Captain Phillips tells the story of Captain Richard Phillips and his crew, as Somali pirates took hostage of their ship in 2009 of the coast of the African horn. Staring the can’t-do-no-wrong Tom Hanks as Phillips, the film is a Hollywood depiction of a horrific experienced – pirates actually really do exist. The film shows the incredibly tense moments from when the pirates board the ship, to when they took Phillips hostage, to when the US Navy use their tactics to get him back. Toward the end, the pride America and our forces begin to re-surge, as they successfully take Phillips back with incredible … tact. (Because this is a true story, I doubt I really ruined the film. The story has been out for a while…)

I mention that it was a Hollywood depiction because in a New York Post article, members of the crew say that the film is a “lie,” criticizing the real Phillips for his arrogance and prior negligence. Needless to say, taking the film itself into consideration rather than comparing it to the real story, it was an enjoyable film to watch, and highly regarded. | A-


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