You’re Next

YoureNext2011FilmStaring an ensemble cast of actors many probably don’t even know, this low-budget film first premiered in 2011 in Canada. After wide acclaim, it was released widely this past weekend in the United States. The film takes places solely in and around a secluded house, where a family of six and their guest are invited for a weekend family reunion. Yet, this reunion is interrupted when they are gruesomely attacked. Although having the typical “don’t walk that way, you idiot” situations, and labeled as a horror, this film was fairly entertaining from beginning to end, including actually horrific scenes, and even some comedic scenes, probably due to the low budget sarcastic writing. Like many similar films, moviegoers see the film’s twist way ahead of the actual twist. However, the twist in this film actually came as a surprise to me, which I found a bit refreshing. By no means is this film an epic. And it is very…very graphic. However, I foresee a sequel. | B+


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