We’re the Millers

We're-The-Millers-PosterJason Sudeikis and Jennifer Ainston successfully team up again, after the success of Horrible Bosses, for this road-trip comedy that frankly, I didn’t expect to be good. Yet, it was one of the better, fun comedies I have seen in a very long time. I base how good a comedy film is on how many times…I actually laugh out loud (seems legit), which were numerous during We’re the Millers. Already setting up to be one of the successful alum of SNL, Sudeikis’, and Aniston’s, on screen chemistry shines in the film. Yet, I believe the breakout performance of the film is Will Poulter, who plays Sudeikis’ cooky, virgin teenage neighbor Kenny. He is hilarious, cute, and allows the viewer to fall in love with the character and root for his success through typical adolescent troubles. Also, I have this thing about films that end with a typical kiss that everyone sees coming. It’s stupid and predictable, and this one contains such a end-of-the-film-kiss. Yet, the viewer doesn’t really see it coming, unless you just read this review. It was actually…pretty cute. Lastly, by no means is this a family friendly film. It is pretty vulgar and raunchy. However, it is a good film to watch as the summer film season begins to come to a close. | A-


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