The Conjuring

Conjuring_posterThere is a deep issue with Hollywood’s continued offensive assault toward moviegoer’s perceived lack of common sense. That is a loaded statement, but in a nutshell – if you hear a fuckin’ creepy ass noise, do not run towards it! Common sense would advise you to run away from it. However, the characters – and producers – of The Conjuring have continued this ridiculously stupid movie stereotype in which the white lady slowly walks toward the creepy noise, while the audience thinks, “why the hell are you walking that way?!” More so, these “thrillers” – and I use that word loosely – spend so much time developing the story, that by the time things actually get exciting and scary, suspenseful and thrilling, many moviegoers are bored, and eventually find the entire thing…humorous and predictable. I would expect a thriller to…you know, scare me a bit. If you haven’t already gathered my review of this movie, let me conclude with this: save your $20 bucks to avoid this fairytale, “based on a true story” film (…Because demons and spirits really exist…), and use it to by anything else worth $20 bucks. Point…anything else would be more enjoyable and worthy than this film. | F


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