Man of Steel

220px-ManofSteelFinalPosterThey need to stop remaking Superman. I felt like I spent money on a history lesson; a reintroduction of Superman to a new generation, when the entire world already knows him! And all I got, that was worth the ticket price, were the shirtless body shots of Henry Cavill. Spider Man has character. Batman has mystery. And the creators of Man of Steel made Superman…boring. Plus, they just phuckin’ destroyed Metropolis, to the point where…ugh, the entire film was way over the top, and tried too hard. I understand it was a merge of fantasy and reality, trying to re-establish the brand/series, but other superhero films do the same with much more…phuck it, they just do it better! He is the epitome of the American figure, know all across the world representing hope. I just hope that the sequels, because after watching it and a $125 million dollar weekend, there will be sequels, is better. | D


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