The Great Gatsby


This film has to be added to the list of the visually beautiful films of Baz Luhrmann (Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge.) More so, the soundtrack to the film is damn good. However, like many films based on a novel, this one tried very hard to reach the greatness of the novel, yet failed. But that is not to say that the film was bad. Like many summer blockbusters, you walk in to the theater expecting the greatest film in the history of film, and you walk out realizing that you didn’t get that. You just got a good film. So yes, there is some disappointment. But that disappointment is caused by the hype of what the film could have been, to what the viewer got. Ironically, you can relate that argument to Gatsby – he lied his way to popularity, creating a person that he thought everyone, including the “love” of his life, would like. In the end, his efforts in trying to be a person he wasn’t caused more harm than good, more to himself than any others. It’s not worth it to lie, to create a person you think other people want you should be. (I didn’t give away the film.) Yet, you leave the theater thinking: are you rooting for Gatsby, or do you secretly think that he got what was coming to him? You be the judge. Good film, especially if you like the story. But it’s not the grander of the novel. | A-

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