42_film_posterAs much as racism still exist, it is movies like Remember The Titans, The Great Debaters, and now, 42, that remind us of the struggle Colored people had to endure to be, or even feel, equal. Although this movie focused on the sport of baseball and the inequalities of society, it also addressed the racism in journalism, as Jackie Robinson’s personal journalist, who chronicled his journey, couldn’t even sit in the press box. This movie wasn’t showy, or over the top. It was a great movie, with great writing, and great acting, depicting a great story, that made you think. As the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Harrison Ford really out shined the performance of Chadwick Boseman as Robinson. But it was good! Nevertheless, throughout the movie, the viewer wonders: did the owner sign Robison based on his abilities, or to just send a message? Is one hired based on their race, or is it based on performance and skill? (Affirmative Action) | A


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