The World’s Most Powerful Photographs

What makes a great photograph great? Maybe it’s when it takes us back to a moment in history that we read about or heard about, and reminds us of just how real it all was. Maybe it’s when you get to witness someone making a choice, a choice to stand up, a choice to believe in something, to be brave, to do what others are afraid to do. Sometimes it’s seeing innocence in the middle of turmoil, in the middle of something to big to understand, or just a moment of silence.

Sometimes, the camera is right in the thick of it, and you feel like you couldn’t have gotten any closer. And sometimes, the camera turns away from the spectacle, where we can still see everything that is important in gesture, or in a face. Sometimes, the subject of the photograph isn’t in the picture at all – days have gone by, years, but it’s still there. Often the theme is something simple, something we can all relate to: lost, relief, joy. They’re pictures of us, and often they don’t need words at all.


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