Expect The Best

Sometimes, life moves at a pace that you do not like. You only move forward, unable to look back and change those “what if” and “what could have been” situations with people. But as we move forward, and the perception of our future are shaped by the experiences of our past, we will eventually…simply…grow up…

As we truck along on our luxurious ride, we will soon reevaluate what we consider “success.” Some may view success as having a structured life, while others may define success as not waking up on a Saturday morning with a hangover before work. Some may feel that success is finally receiving that $30,000 piece of paper, and few may look at success as receiving the most YouTube hits on a homemade movie.

Nevertheless, a great woman once said to “cherish your human connections, [because they are] most important investments you will ever make.” As we grow up, and reevaluate our priorities and what we considered “success,” the greatest investment you will make in your lifetime is to someone else. The greatest successes in life are the relationships we have with each other. We must put effort into our friendships because good friends are very hard to come by. We must hold on to love because it is simply the greatest feeling in the world that some may never experience. We must never give up on our children because they are ultimately the product of who we are. And we must expect the best out of each other, because no one likes a mediocre best friend or mediocre significant other. In life, the greatest investments will produce the best outcomes…

Many of us may define success as the meaningless material aspects of life. However, when our time comes to enter the gates and live in the luxury of clouds, we will be able to look down and at the world we left. If our service is full with all the lives that we have touched, then that is ultimately success. Cherish each other while you have each other, and simply give and expect the best…

Have A Great and Safe Summer!
Always remember to be the change you wish to see in the world…

Happy Endings,
– PeeJay


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