Some are egocentric, thinking of their own self-interests before those of others. And in turn, they are oblivious to the consequences of their words and actions. The careless words some use can stay in someone’s head forever. The negligent actions some take can make a permanent impact in someone’s life. And a mixture of both can simply cause disasters…

Words are a powerful tool! When use with empathy, they can do wonders. The words “Thank You” show simple gratitude, while “I Love You” conveys a much deeper emotion. Yet, many use this tool carelessly, and end up causing unnecessary hurt. “I Hate You” can convey an underlying anger, while “No” can simply crush hearts. We tend to remember events, and the words associated with them, that have an emotional impact on our lives. Think about what you say, how you say it, when you say it, and to whom you say it to, because words can do serious damage…

More so, the cliché statement seemingly always holds true; actions [do] speak louder than words. But what needs to be taken into consideration is the action’s intent; whither it is made maliciously or out of genuineness. A guy may take you on a date because he sees something more than what is on the surface, or another may boast your ego and lead you on to simple get into your pants. A friend may never hesitate to extend their hand because they are that good friend, or another may never extend it at all, yet still consider themselves the best.

Ultimately, many choose to never adhere to the Golden Rule: to simply treat other people the way you would like to be treated, to extend that simple respect toward one other. In all forms, the art of communication has an asterisk in which people choose to ignore. It is irreversible: once words are said, or actions are taken, they may not be taken back, or erased from historical record.

Many rarely look outside the box and understand the consequences of their words or actions, or lack there of. Some may say hurtful words because emotions may override logic. Some may lie to avoid the fear or ramifications of the truth. And some may hurt purely for the feeling of satisfaction. In turn, some ask for forgiveness to justify their negligence; yet do not take the time to prove it. Understand…one only says sorry after the fact that they have already done something wrong.

If one has been the victim of malicious intent, why let someone else experience the same thing…

We should be altruistic, mindful of the feelings of others rather than those of only our own. And in turn, we become conscious of our words and actions. The genuine words we use can stay in someone’s head forever. The selfless actions we make can make a permanent impact in one’s life. And a mixture of both can simply do wonders. All we have to do is just think…

Always remember to be the change you wish to see in the world…

Happy Endings,
– PeeJay


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